Staying on Track During the Holiday

We all know it is difficult to remain healthy during the holidays! Pecan pie, busy schedules and extra sweets in the break room all help to sabotage all the hard work we have done leading up to November. Having a strategy going into the Holiday season can help you stay on track and avoid "slip ups" or even down ward spirals, which can be so easy this time of year.

There are plenty of articles by experts telling you how to avoid weight gain during the holidays, but I really enjoyed one I found on the MyFitnessPal blog. What set it apart was these strategies were offered by "real" people who had lost 50 pounds or more. These are people who are currently (or have been) in the weight loss trenches during the holidays and know what worked for them. Their strategies include exercising before and/or after the big meals, planning ahead what you will eat and having a mantra you repeat to keep you on track. There were some great suggestions you may find interesting too. Read the blog here.

I have to admit, I read these articles every year. I guess trying to pick up some new strategy which will get me through the next two months. One year it was eating only 1/2 of each portion on my plate, another only having dessert once a week (this helped avoid the sweets everywhere I turned) and another year is was setting down my fork after each bite. While doing my research this year I have decided on these three for 2017:

Be Picky - Instead of picking up a plate at the front of the buffet line, look the food over and decide what you really want before filling the plate. This helps you avoid eating food you mindlessly put on your plate and rather eating only what you really wanted .

Practice Saying No - Everywhere - This was a new thought for me. This article explained when we practice self-control in areas of our life outside of food, it helps us build control with food cravings. For example, resisting the urge to honk at a driver who just cut you off or took your parking space, actually helps build self-control in all areas of our life .... like a plate loaded with our favorite Christmas cookies. Read it Here

Avoid Leftovers - At the end of your big meal or party, send the leftovers with your guests. The event itself will probably not cause you to gain much weight, but the leftovers for days on end really could. Plan ahead by purchasing disposable containers to fill up and send out the door!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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